Useful Links


Rollercoaster is a website for parents.  They have a section on what they call "special needs" which has a lot of advice and information.

The National Disability Authority (NDA)

The National Disability Authority is the independent state body providing expert advice on disability policy and practice to the Minister, and promoting Universal Design in Ireland.

The National Council for Special Education (NCSE)

Useful at present only as a means of contacting your SENO and reading about the Council.  However, this should be looked at periodically as it will be listing the developments as the “Education” Act rolls out.

Inclusion Ireland

The Mission of Inclusion Ireland is to be the independent champion of people with an intellectual disability and their families whose standing and expertise in intellectual disability is acknowledged and to ensure that people with an intellectual disability have their voices heard, are not isolated or segregated and can lead more independent and healthier lives.

Centre for Early Childhood Development and Education (CECDE)

The CECDE only studies issues for children from birth to six years of age.  However their Standards document is, nevertheless, worth looking at.  It can be seen by clicking on “NQF”.
Some of its other publications are also worth a look.

Special Education Support Service (SESS)

This website is aimed at teachers.  However, it contains huge amounts of information for parents.  For example, it contains a list of all special needs circulars sent from the  Department of Education to schools. It also gives up-to-date news on publications, conferences and courses.  Some, but not all, of these are aimed at teachers.It also lists reading materials and much more.  Well worth a visit.


This is a site for schools in general.  Interestingly, on the parents page there is quite an emphasis on special needs.

Central Remedial Clinic

This site, under the social work section contains a list of entitlements for people with disabilities. 

National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA)

This website contains draft guidelines for teachers of students with learning difficulties.  The documents may be accessed by going into “Publications”, and going down to “Draft Syllabuses and Guidelines”.  They are the only documents in this section published in 2002.

National Educational Welfare Board (NEWB)

This is the site of the body whose job it is to ensure that children attend school on a regular basis.  It is useful for parents of children with special needs, particularly if a school refuses to take in a student or expels a student because of their special needs.   

Aspire is a support group for people with Asperger’s syndrome and their families.

Irish Autism Action
This site, for the parents/carers of people with autism gives a large amount of information on ASD.

Daisychain Foundation

The objective of the Foundation is to support families living with disabilities. Symbolising an unbroken chain of support the daisychain emblem represents the partnership of the able and disabled to improve quality of life for all involved.


The Irish Progressive Association for Autism (IPAA) was set up in September 2001 by a handful of concerned parents of Autistic children who were unable to secure appropriate services for their children. Since its establishment the IPAA has campaigned on behalf of hundreds of families in an effort to secure assessments, therapies, services and appropriate education for their children.