Our Aims & Objectives

I. to support people with an intellectual disability and autism in exercising their right to participate in our society as full and equal citizens

II. to secure appropriate high quality service provision for people with an intellectual disability and autism III. to secure appropriate high quality support for the parents, carers and families of people with an intellectual disability and autism

IV. to secure an active role for parents and siblings in the development of national and local policy in the area of intellectual disability and autism

V. to develop and support a strong, united intellectual disability voice throughout Ireland

N.P.S.A. Charter of Rights People with intellectual disabilities and autism have:

1. a right to live and be recognised as independent people with the freedom to enjoy, in a caring and loving environment, their civil, economic and social rights in equity with all other people, regardless of age, gender or disability;

2. a right to resources and support [from the State] appropriate to the needs of the individual and in this context: a. a right to a detailed assessment of their needs and to comprehensive, individualised (self-directed where appropriate) medical, social and living support; b. a right to an appropriate education geared to their potential and abilities; c. a right to training and/or further education; d. a right to rewarding and satisfying employment where appropriate;

3. a right to be free from discrimination and from economic, sexual, or other forms of exploitation;

4. a right to cast their vote or have their vote cast by their legal guardian or carer;

5. a right to participation and consultation in the formulation and implementation of all policies which affect their lives;

6. a right to select and determine, in consultation with service providers and professionals, in a timely and planned manner, the support services and infrastructures they require;

7. a right to participation in the governance and direction of all service organisations charged with the provision of support services, including all statutory agencies;

8. a right to information and consultation about the needs of their family member, irrespective of age and where appropriate to be heard and their wishes acted upon;

9. a right to counselling, support and respite care when needed;

10. a right to respect, recognition and compensation for the roles they play;